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Royale Play

Get painted your walls with Royale play’s Special Effects. Royale Play provides with large varieties of designs to choose form.

Royale Play Special-Effects

Kids Play

Give your kids room with their favorites memory makeover. Select a theme best suites with their personality and imagination.

Royale Play Kids Play

Stencils Design

Makeover your walls with Royale plays stencils, from abstract to traditional classic designs you will have a large variety of choices.

Royale Play Stencils


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Work with our professionals Royale play designer to create the masterpiece. We take client meeting based on their time and requirement. Schedule an appointment today. “Dail 9390890890” 

Our professional team helps you with the Idea & color combination concept with preferred Royale play Decorative Finishes. 

Our professional design consultant will create the selected Royale play design and any further discussion, this may include design price and suggestive budgets on professional work that will have to be carried out.

Our objective is to do complete renovating your interiors with Royale play Decorative finishes and making your interior as a striking experience.