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Asian Paints Royale Play Antico: Royale Play proposals an array of special effects to the Interior walls of your House. Inspired by various themes from all over the world, this water-based type of paints is just a little more special for your interior walls.

For a lover of antiques, Royale Antico is a perfect fit. Inspired by Italian interior finishes, the effects of Antico’s metallic textured give an ageless eminence to any room. Apply a layer of Royale Protective coat to get best washability performance. Royale Play Antico comes with the two antique finishes.

Classique: This classic finish was speckled with treasures from deep, uncharted seas, casting a soft, opalescent glow in the spaces it inhabits.

Linea: This effect gives the pattern of deeply-etched, straight-laced grooves adds dimension to your inner walls, as the gentle lines independently replicate a tasteful, cultured sensibility.

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